Justin Bieber mom joke gets radio host suspended?

Justin Bieber’s mom is causing problems in the radio world. One particular morning show host tweeted he has been suspended after asking the teen heartthrob about who she may or may not shack up with!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’ mom is one subject the teen sensation is not willing to discuss. Sure, maybe if the conversation was about milk and cookies and after school snacks — but if you dare to ask who she’s doing the deed with prepare to be hung up on!

A recent Justin Bieber radio interview conducted by Mojo, of Mojo in the Morning fame, is being described as having gone “horribly wrong.”

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The first cringe-worthy moment during the cellphone chat came when Mojo attempted to give Justin Bieber a compliment by stating he thought a recent song of his sounded like Justin Timberlake. Not flattered at all, the “Maria” singer responded:

“Man, that’s crazy ’cause our voices sound nothing alike. I mean, I’m not trying to sound like anyone. Saying I sound like someone else is not really a compliment… I think if you were to say I heard some Justin Timberlake-esque things in your sound I would take that as a compliment.”

“Justin Timberlake is definitely really talented and is similar because he’s white and he’s singing pop, R&B. I think we both have the type of edge. I definitely want to have my own lane and not be compared. But I think he is super, super talented.”

From there it only got worse, when Mojo attempted to asked 18-year-old Bieber if he was worried his mother, Patti Mallette, might hookup with One Direction‘s Harry Styles because of his reputation for seducing older ladies.

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“I don’t think you should worry about me [and my mom],” Justin Bieber replied to the ridiculously awkward question. He then added, “Worry about your mom, bro,” before hanging up.

Mojo is now facing repercussions for his off-color question — or so he’d like you to think! He tweeted on June 30, “Suspended over @justinbieber? This is some bulls***… -Mojo,” but added Monday morning, “Sorry if I made anyone think I’m suspended, I’m really on vacation.”

Listen in to the Justin Bieber radio interview gone bad below!

Did Justin Bieber overreact to Mojo’s mom joke, or should he have really been suspended?

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