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Ted knocks out Magic Mike for box office No. 1

Ted, the rated R comedy about a man and his raunchy teddy bear takes audiences by surprise this weekend as it climbed the charts to number one.

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Apparently, watching a movie about an incurable man-child is more than a little entertaining, especially if he comes with his own talking teddy bear who uses the F-bomb more than Mark Wahlberg himself.

Ted, the feature film debut of Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, ranked number one in the country this weekend, grossing an estimated $52.5 million in box office returns, according to Deadline Hollywood.

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The Channing Tatum movie that was inspired by a true story of working as a male stripper, Magic Mike, grossed an estimated $38 million at the box office bringing it to number two. That’s still a lot of cash for one naked Channing, but not enough to beat a talking bear. Come on ladies, where’s your focus…?

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Disney/Pixar’s Brave held onto a top 10 spot at number three with $35.5 million in box office returns. The story of a fiery Scottish princess who doesn’t want to get married resonated with kids and families.

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Tyler Perry’s most recent Madea movie, Madea’s Witness Protection, grossed $27 million bringing it in at number four. This time Madea — the outspoken old lady played by Perry himself — gets in a heap of trouble when a New Yorker from the witness relocation program is forced to live with her family in her small southern town.

Ranking fifth in box office returns with an estimated $12.5 million is Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. The story of our favorite zoo characters who are trying desperately to get back to New York jump started a summer animation winning streak with its previous number one status.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the story of a president who really gets the job done when it comes to blood suckers, ranked sixth this week with an estimated $6.2 million in box office returns.

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The sci-fi space exploration movie from Ridley Scott, Prometheus, ranked seventh this week with an estimated $5.1 million in box office returns. The film stars Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron and takes an interesting view on the origins of the human race.

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Moonrise Kingdom, the little indie movie that could from director Wes Anderson, released wide this week and earned more than $5 million in box office returns bringing it to number eight.

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Snow White and the Huntsman came in at number nine with $4.5 million, and People Like Us, the newly released drama starring Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine about finding lost family in the time of tragedy grossed $4.2 million, giving it a spot at number 10.

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What movie did you see this weekend?

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