Erin Andrews, ESPN split -- What's next for her?

Jun 29, 2012 at 10:25 p.m. ET

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren't the only ones "going their separate ways." ESPN will have to find another piece of eye candy, as the sports network announced Friday its sideline sweetheart, Erin Andrews, is leaving after an 8-year partnership.

Andrews Erin Leaves ESPNIt appears the romance between the 34-year-old Dancing with the Stars alumnus and her employer, ESPN, is gone.

And Erin Andrews may be running into the arms of another (gasp!) competitor.

ESPN PR guy Mike Humes said what PR guys say in this hurriedly-written tweet: "She did great work for us & we made aggressive offer to keep her. Wish her best on her next chapter."

Unlike Ann Curry, Andrews wasn't kicked to the curb with oodles of time left on her contract. In fact, her contract was coming up July 1.

It's been no secret that the College GameDay co-host, who has gained fame outside of sports for that icky peephole incident and other TV stints, was not happy with the network.

And the rumors have been flying for months that Andrews was being courted by Fox Sports.

Is that her next flame?

Sports Illustrated seems to think so, but Fox Sports isn't talking -- nor is Andrew's rep, who flatly stated (by way of SI):  "We are not in a position to discuss Erin's next career move."

If Andrews were to find much love (and $$$$) with Fox Sports, it would make sense.

After all, Andrews is hugely popular -- and not completely as a pair of legs and boobs walking the sidelines. She can hold her own in interviews.

The timing also fits.

SI reports Fox has "invested heavily in college football over the last 24 months, including entering a 12-year agreement with the Pac-12 this year covering broadcast, national and local cable, and digital assets."

Hmmm… sounds like a smart investment… Andrews, I mean. Maybe it's a match made in sports media money-making heaven?

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