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Michelle Pfeiffer reveals secret to ageless beauty at 54

Reducing stress, Michelle Pfeiffer tells SheKnows, is the No. 1 thing a woman can do to keep herself looking radiant. Figuring out how to do that, however, is one of the biggest challenges facing moms and women today.

No creams, no sprays, no knives, no secret formula. Nope. Michelle Pfeiffer, who sat down with SheKnows while promoting her new movie, People Like Us, told us how to look like a goddess, no matter what your age.

“Good lighting,” she joked, is the secret to her beauty. Wait a second, Michelle. There has to be more than that.

Take a chill pill

“I’m a big believer in eating well and exercising, and doing what you can to keep your stress level down,” Pfeiffer said.

How do you relieve stress? Keep a good relationship with those around you. Managing friends, family and work is tough for today’s mom. Pfeiffer knows firsthand what it’s like to have stress at home. She’s had her own share of ups and downs. Her first marriage to actor/director Peter Horton ended in divorce. She is now married to writer/producer David E. Kelley and together they have two children. How is she making it all work?

Michelle Pfeiffer

“It’s about communication.”

“I think it’s different for everyone. Every family has different dynamics,” she said. “It’s about communication and respect.” 

Pfeiffer plays Lillian in People Like Us, the drama about a dysfunctional family who is thrown back together when their patriarch, her husband, dies and leaves his inheritance to a stranger.

Would you give $150,000 to a stranger… ? >>

“Most people are challenged,” she said, when it comes to talking to each other. “There’s no real training for communication,” Pfeiffer said. “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” 

The journey her character makes in this film is one that inspires. Lillian goes from keeping a tight lip around her son, played by Chris Pine, to finally opening up about what they mean to each other in the wake of her husband’s death. Talking, it seems, is the best medicine.

People Like Us releases into theaters June 29.

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