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The Olsen sisters? More like Trollsen sisters

PETA isn’t too pleased with the Olsen sisters. Well, that’s an understatement: The animal rights organization gave the fashion sisters a negative new nickname for creating their line of handbags with animal skins.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen the target of PETA

PETA has many supporters in Hollywood, but the organization isn’t above making a few — or 50 — celebrity enemies. The animal rights advocates make no secrets about their hate for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but now they’re focusing on another terrible twosome: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The fashion-loving twins gained the attention of PETA after their fashion label, The Row, just released a $17,000 (yes, $17K) backpack made with patches of real animal fur.

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“If it looks like a troll and acts like a troll, it’s probably a Trollsen Twin—or someone wearing one of their new $16,000 totes, which are made from the fur and skins of innocent animals,” PETA said in a statement.

“What the Olsens lack in creativity, they try to make up for in shock value. Sadly, it’s the foxes, calves, and alligators—who often have the fur ripped off them while they are still conscious and able to feel pain — who pay the dearest price.”

The Trollsen — we mean, Olsen — sisters have at least one fan that “dies” for the backpack: celebrity stylist and walking skeleton Rachel Zoe.

“The fuzzy texture on this nifty knapsack is also a fashion favorite,” Zoe — or one of her lackeys — writes in her Zoe Report. “Perfect for pre-fall, it’s never too soon to start thinking ahead for your next season’s staple! Our personal predilection is towards this amazing accessory. Coupled with a blush blouse, skinny jeans and a bold boot, an of-the-moment backpack will bear the weight of your everyday essentials with elegance and ease. So stow away your hefty handbag and debut a new beaut.”

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Fur or not, the bag is pretty hideous — just like the 26-year-old twins’ other monstrosity: The $39K crocodile bag released last July. Pretty much everyone panned the bag, though some buyers said it was the ultimate statement piece for those who can actually afford it.

“I think if you were ever going to spend $39,000 on a bag, that’s the bag you should buy because I think you’d wear it for a really long time,” Barneys’ fashion director Amanda Brooks told in July 2011. “There’s enough design to make it interesting and beautiful, but they truly are classic bags — and I think you also might be the only one who has it.”

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As for the twins? They just think they’re doing their part to create a fashion legacy.

“There are important style contributions from almost every era. Drawing on the right references at the right time is the key,” Mary-Kate said last year. “My problem is not with the trends themselves, but the fact that trends are constantly repeating themselves.”

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