Lisa Ling takes issue with the Kardashians, and Oprah

Jun 27, 2012 at 9:06 p.m. ET

The journalist has her own show on Oprah's network and told Access Hollywood that she just doesn't understand why the world cares about the Kardashians.

Lisa LingLisa Ling made an appearance on Access Hollywood earlier today, and may have started a little bit of a cat fight.

Oprah recently interviewed the Kardashians for her own show, and Ling obviously took issue with it.

“I have my issues with the Kardashians, absolutely,” Ling said. “And I think there is so much that is wrong about how they are sort of the most revered family in the country.”

Ling is now an employee of Oprah’s -- she hosts her own documentary show on the former talk show host’s network OWN. In the interview, Ling seems to be struggling with the line between journalism and pop culture.

“But, they are, nevertheless,” she continued, "still talking about the Kardashians’ status. And so I get why Oprah wanted to interview them. They are icons of pop culture right now.”

Ling has long been a journalist, and recently started the new show Our America on Oprah’s network.

Whether she agrees with Oprah’s guests, she sounds very thankful to have been given her own show with her own creative license.

“Oprah has given me a chance to do this documentary series,” she said. “I really don’t think I’d be able to do this kind of work elsewhere. So I am really grateful for the opportunity.”

The show follows around real Americans, talking about issues such as poverty and teen pregnancy. However, those topics are much different than those Oprah talks about on her own show. Oprah’s Next Chapter regularly features celebrities rather than the real Americans that Ling is dedicating her show to. This week’s episode not only features the Kardashians, but also 50 Cent and Lady Gaga.

Ling seems to understand what Oprah is doing though, even if it’s not what she would choose for her own show.

“For some reason, people are interested in what [the Kardashians] think about things,” she said. “For some strange reason.”

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