Elvis hair & Madonna underwear auctioned for big bucks

The chance to buy a lock of Elvis hair recently had auction-goers all shook up. See how much the King’s dark strands sold for — as well as how much Madonna’s dirty drawers took in!

Elvis hair sold at auctionWhen Elvis’ hair is on the auction block it’s time to break open the piggy bank and go for broke! A section of the King of Rock and Roll’s hair recently mingled with other slightly questionable celebrity memorabilia items before being auctioned off to a new home.

Julien’s Auctions had the honor of presiding over the Music Icons and Sports Legends auction. Along with pieces of importance from Madonna and the late Michael Jackson, the company described the Elvis hair up for grabs as:

“A plastic vial containing Elvis Presley’s hair clippings as collected by Homer ‘Gil’ Gilleland, Presley’s personal barber. Gilleland began his relationship with the Presleys as Gladys Presley’s hairdresser in the 1950s at Goldsmith’s Department Store. He was introduced to Elvis and became his hairdresser. As he worked with Elvis off and on up through the 1970s, Gilleland kept locks of Presley’s hair, attaching them to business cards and ultimately giving large collections to friends.”

Creepy? Perhaps, but holding on to Elvis hair can also bring in a pretty penny. The item at Julien’s Auctions brought in $4,000!

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Other Elvis Presley items on the docket included a motorcycle jacket worn by the King, which sold for $41,600 and an “E.P.” initial necklace that cost one collector $31,250.

The King of Pop’s items didn’t do too shabby either. Handwritten lyrics to the song “Billy Jean” sold for $40,625 and Michael Jackson’s 1984 Video Music Award brought in $50,000.

For Madonna, however, it was all about the delicates department. A negligee worn during her “Blonde Ambition” tour sold for $34,375 while underwear once worn on stage went for $13,750.

From Elvis hair to Madonna underwear — which bit of celebrity memorabilia would you bid on?

Image via WENN