How does Jessica Biel keep her totally hot bod?

The 30-year-old actress has multiple projects in the works and is busy planning a wedding, but she still has time for nutrition and to stay in shape.

Being Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive is a lot of pressure. Especially when you earn the honor when you are only 23 years old.

Seven years later, Jessica Biel shares a little about how she stays in shape.

With an upcoming wedding to fiance Justin Timberlake and at least six projects in the works, Biel has to stay healthy in any way she can.

Biel told US Weekly how she stays fit… saying she makes sure to get enough sleep, drinks lots of water, eats a healthy diet and steers clear of alcohol.

Jessica Biel

The actress was recently spotted at a beach in Puerto Rico, where she proved to all of us that she is following all of those tips for staying fit.

Biel was in Puerto Rico visiting Timberlake on the set of his new movie, just months (or weeks?) before their wedding date.

According to People, the couple is actively planning their wedding, which is rumored to be this summer in Italy.

“With their big day just months away, Jessica Biel, 30, and Justin Timberlake, 31, just spent five days in Italy — and toured at least one wedding venue,” said US Weekly back in April.

The couple has kept their wedding plans, and in fact, their entire engagement, pretty under wraps, so it’s no surprise this is no different.

“Justin and Jessica are planning a big [summer] wedding,” a source close to the pair told People magazine. “Jessica initially wanted a smaller, more intimate wedding, but Justin from the beginning wanted a big wedding and that’s what they have decided on.”

With the wedding happening any day, it’s no wonder Biel is working so hard to stay in shape (not like she’s ever had it any other way).

Biel is set to appear in the remake of Total Recall, as well as five other projects in production now.

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