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W.i.P. faces new charges by the State of New York

One little fight has caused so many problems for the New York night club. The state of New York is looking to yank their liquor license.

Chris Brown DrakeIt looks like the waves from the brawl earlier this month between Drake and Chris Brown could still be spreading.

The New York Post is reporting that the state of New York is filing charges against the W.i.P. nightclub for numerous violations.

“The bar was slapped with seven other charges for other fights, noise violations and two drug-related incidents — at least one where marijuana was found at the bar,” said the New York Post.

The club is located at the Greenhurst Club, and both are being investigated by the state.

“They’re absolutely in jeopardy of losing their licenses,” said SLA spokesman William Crowley, according to the New York Post. “They have a number of prior charges, too, so that comes into play when we’re looking at taking action.”

The club has also previously been cited for selling alcohol to minors, noise violations and having unlicensed security guards.

The fight that occurred in the early morning hours of July 15 included Chris Brown and Drake, and apparently started when Drake sent Chris Brown a note that said “I am f–king the love of your life.”

There are numerous injured parties and witnesses that have come forward blaming different people for starting the brawl.

Being shut down could actually not be the worst of the club’s problems. On Thursday, Tony Parker, a club attendee at the time of the fight, filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club. The suit alleges that the club should have known better than to let the two singers in the club at the same time.

“Parker’s lawyer said offering bottle services to both hip-hop camps at the same time is like ‘throwing gasoline on the flames,’” said the New York Post. “The suit does not name Brown or Drake.”

The fourteen charges filed yesterday by the State Liquor Authority could be enough to shut the club down. CBS News Reports the State Liquor Authority may have the power to pull their liquor license based on the charges.

But if those charges are not enough, the lawsuit by Parker could be the final nail in the coffin.

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