$ellebrity trailer pits celebrity perks vs paparazzi

Jun 22, 2012 at 1:31 p.m. ET

Jennifer Aniston and famous friends are taking part in a documentary, aptly named $ellebrity. The worldwide-known actress gives insight into what dealing with the paparazzi is really like -- but does she have room to complain?

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston's $ellebrity documentary appearance is dividing fans into two groups: those who agree the paparazzi are out of control versus many who think pesky photogs are a small price to pay for the perks of celebrity life!

The $ellebrity trailer features not only Jennifer Aniston, but Sarah Jessica Parker, Kid Rock and a cozy — presumable pre-divorce — Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Aniston, caught by the paparazzi here with boyfriend Justin Theroux while out in Paris (totally rough, we're sure), is featured prominently in the $ellebrity trailer. During one clip she explains of the celebrity culture's pervasiveness, "When all of sudden you hear rumors that are not true on a CNN crawl, you kind of think, wait, that’s CNN."

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"Celebrity is the disease of our culture," actress Patricia Arquette says, while Sheryl Crow can be seen commenting, "You can't even argue with somebody about the ethics of it."

Yet $ellebrity isn't only about the rich and famous recanting their woes. In the trailer an unnamed voice explaining the photographer's side of the argument states, "Who makes them famous? Actually we do. They are reliant on the paparazzi."

Not buying the 'woe is us' attitude is one blogger, who ranted on The Blemish, "Oh boo, hoo. You're paid millions of dollars to read lines off a piece of paper or, in Kid Rock's case, perform terrible music, and you're complaining because normal people care enough about you to create a demand for your pictures. Woe is you. Someone call the wahhmbulance."

Check out the $ellebrity trailer for yourself!


Do you think celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston have a right to complain about the paparazzi?

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