Danica Patrick, Go Daddy hire new firm to tone down sexy ads

Sorry, boys. It looks like Danica Patrick’s sexy Go Daddy ads will be a little more business and a little less bust, as the Internet domain registrar biz known for its raunchy TV spots hires a new ad firm to revamp its (and the NASCAR driver’s) image.

Danica Go Daddy ads

Danica Patrick and Go Daddy appear to be taking a cue from Patrick’s NASCAR fans by going the conservative route in the commercials famously known for their campy, vampy skin and sex.

It seems both the web hosting company and its spokesmodel no longer need the type of tactics represented in those racy ads. In other words, they no longer need the creative approach of a horny 14-year-old boy!

“As the company grows, you tend to find yourself accommodating to the masses more as opposed to trying to be polarizing,” Patrick said recently, by way of USA Today. “They achieved that size that they just need to have that solid, mainstream presence, and that trustworthiness and credibility and things that come along with taking a slightly more safer route.

“I’m ready for it,” she said.

Up until now, Go Daddy had been using its in-house production company to run the funny, flirty spots, which have featured the likes of Jillian Michaels and Joan Rivers, alongside its most famous spokesmodel, Patrick.

Now, with ad agency Deutsch New York on board, it looks like Go Daddy will be emphasizing more what Patrick actually does — and, lest we forget, that’s racing. Although that in and of itself has been the subject of controversy, as you could expect in a male-dominated sport with very few female contenders.

Founder and CEO Bob Parsons, himself the subject of controversy for more than just the racy ads,  indicated the news spots are part of a more conservative campaign with a more “businesslike” approach.

To her credit, Patrick appears to be pursuing more business and less boobs in other ventures as well.

She has signed with other companies that don’t need to employ such a strategy, such as Coca-Cola and Nationwide — the latter of which features her alongside another race car driver with a legendary last name, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The 30-year-old spokesmodel herself has indicated the appeal of Go Daddy all along was in its lack of a stiff, businesslike approach. In other words, she says she has no regrets for possibly insulting the sensibilities of her fans out there.

“Over the years, I’ve said no to the Go Daddy stuff at times for sure,” Patrick quipped. “I said years ago I’d love to do some more funny stuff.

“People want to see something new and fresh.”

So what do you think: Were the Go Daddy ads played out anyway? Will this help people think of Danica more as a racer, and less based off of what she looks like?

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