How does Hollywood's highest paid actress spend her dough?

Jun 21, 2012 at 7:50 p.m. ET

Kristen Stewart, the leading lady of the vampy film franchise, took a huge bite out of the box office this year -- raking in a cool $34.5 million and earning her top honors on Forbes annual ode to Hollywood's highest paid actresses. How is the brooding ingenue blowing all that dough? Here are our guesses.

Actress Kristen Stewart at On the Road PremiereA lifetime supply of sunscreen and translucent powder. True, to play part of the undead legions, K-Stew certainly benefits from a pasty pallor. And I suppose she was cast as Snow White, the "fairest" of them all. But, seriously, there is sunshine outside of Forks and fairytales — in the real world, where she resides. We're not suggesting she turn tanorexic, we just think a little vitamin D would do her some good.

Publicists. In 2009, Kristen came under fire for wearing a bikini featuring a cannabis-clad design. In 2010, frenzy ignited over an off-color rape comment. Earlier this year, there was that whole calling-the-media-voracious-s***-eaters blip. And so on and so forth. With as much controversy as K-Stew's candor courts, it's a safe bet she shells out major moola for damage control.

Androgynous outfits. A self-proclaimed late bloomer who used to sport her brother's gym gear, Kristen may still be holding tight to some of her tomboy tendencies — she routinely rocks sneakers, jeans and vintage tees. When her hair is pulled back or hidden by a hoodie, she could easily be just another preteen emo boy. (Disclaimer: No judgment here. I once wore a crocheted cat sweater my grandma made me... with stirrup pants... in public.)

Dates with her mate. Art imitated life when Kristen fell in love for real with Twilight lothario Robert Pattinson. The languid lovebirds spend their spare time flitting about the world together, so airfare alone surely costs K-Stew a pretty penny. Not to mention she reportedly spoils ol' Robbie P with gifts like vintage guitars — complete with a $12,000 price tag. Hmm, maybe she should swing some of that swiss toward matching spray tans.

Charitable acts. Wait, say what? She may not be the most eloquent creature on the planet, but she did manage to articulate to Vogue how important it was for her to start a network of halfway houses for runaways in the sex trade who need a leg-up on getting their life back. Good for you, K-Stew! Next up on her do-good to-do list? A celebrity rehab center... Lindsay Lohan is the first tenant. Okay, just joking. But it's a nice thought.

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