Why NBC is telling Ann Curry to scurry

Jun 22, 2012 at 8:51 a.m. ET

Headlines are shouting that Ann Curry may be disinvited from co-hosting the Today Show with Matt Lauer after just a year. NBC is blaming Ann’s alleged dismissal on a drastic decline in ratings, but what few are talking about is why Ann may be linked to the rating's face plant. Here, we offer some insight. …

Ann Curry on Today Show

It was a good morning: Ann Curry seems well intended, but if we never hear her say “Good morning” again, it will be too soon. You know what we’re talking about. “Good morning this morning, in news this morning, tornados off the coast of Florida this morning, wrecking everything in its path this morning, causing devastation the likes of which that region has not seen… this morning.” Ann seems to get word vomit, but fixates on the words “this morning.” What are we going to do if she gets a job as an evening news anchor? She’ll either tell us “good morning” several times in the evening or wish us a good night until the wee hours of the… morning. If Ann leaves, we will not be mourning her morning routine.

Ann Curry a.k.a. Awkward Ann: Again, at the risk of sounding overly harsh in describing a seemingly nice woman, Ann’s delivery and unscripted banter comes across, at times, as hard to watch. Some have even described her as phony. We’ve all seen her lean forward during an interview, lower her voice, and knit her brow dramatically when she thinks the subject matter calls for it. And how can we forget that absolutely painful interview with Brad Pitt while he was trying to promote a movie in Cannes and Ann was so busy pawing his face and putting him on the spot about his looks that he had to tell her to “let’s move on?" Ouch. We didn’t know if we should feel sorry for Ann or for Brad (after all, someone convinced him it was a good idea to go on camera wearing an ascot), but it made us feel like we were watching The Office, which is famous for its awkward scenes.

Dress code. Maybe NBC needs to shake down the wardrobe department and leave Ann as co-host. Have you noticed how inexcusable the wardrobe choices for Ann have been? They were even worse for Meredith Vieira, who had Ann by a few years, but that is no excuse. These women are in their 50s and delivering our daily news, but that doesn’t give the wardrobe department license to dress them in something Betty White would refuse to wear.

Photo credit: WENN.com