Ashton Kutcher sues California DMV for bailing on TV show

Jun 21, 2012 at 11:29 a.m. ET

Not surprisingly, the California Department of Motor Vehicles isn't talking after Ashton Kutcher and company go after the state agency for "breach of contract." Team Kutcher says the DMV had agreed to a reality TV show chronicling the day-in-and-day-out happenings of the DMV. Scary stuff.

Ashton Sues DMV

Maybe we dodged a bullet with this one. After all, going to the DMV is bad enough. Do we really need to be bombarded by the headaches experienced by its staff and customers from the comfort of our couch?

But Ashton Kutcher isn't too happy that the California Department of Motor Vehicles put the brakes on the 30-minute reality series chronicling the people across the agency's more than 170 offices.

In a lawsuit posted by way of The Hollywood Reporter, production companies Katalyst Media and Soda and Pop are going after the DMV for breach of contract to the tune of nearly $1.5 million.

Kutcher and Punky Brewster's hubby, Jason Goldberg, run Katalyst.

The company is also the "brains," if you will, behind those intellectually riveting shows Punk'd and Beauty and the Geek.

The companies apparently did the smart thing and got a commitment for four initial shows in writing. The suit also goes on to allege this agreement left open the possibility of "up to six possible seasons of the show."

But, if the allegations are true, it looks like the Cali DMV had a bit of a freak-out the minute Katalyst secured a deal with cable network truTV.

The agency is said to have "abruptly and without justifiable excuse, changed course."

And, according to details of the suit, "In a five sentence letter to Katalyst producer Jason Goldberg, (DMV Deputy Director Mike) Marando simply declared that DMV no longer considered the series to be in its 'best interests' and would therefore 'not be moving forward on such a project.'"

The agency also did the agency thing and later Marando said it doesn't "comment on pending legislation."

Having a bit of a déjà vu moment?

There must be something in the water this week.

News also broke that Disney graduate Kyle Massey was suing for $500K over Bristol Palin's latest reality TV show, Life's a Tripp.

He claims fellow Dancing with the Stars alumnus Palin promised they'd do a reality TV show together about the travails of being a fish out of Wasilla in Hollywood and rearing a child as a young, single mother.

He says Palin bailed and another producer moved in on the project Massey and his brother conceived.

Let's just hope that this DMV project, when and if it ever moves forward in some different form or maybe with a different partner, doesn't turn out to be the apparent abomination that is Life's a Tripp.

The DMV series, according to THR, was supposed to be about the "variously humorous, emotional, dramatic, moving, humanizing and entertaining situations that arise on a daily basis" at the agency's many offices across the state.

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