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Aaron Sorkin talks about the Newsroom

The much-anticipated series finally premieres this Sunday on HBO.

Aaron SorkinAaron Sorkin may be considered one of the most important TV show creators in Hollywood, and this time he is taking on life in a newsroom.

According to On the Red Carpet, The Newsroom is based in the past. But, not far in the past… April 2010 to be exact. This date discrepancy is so the show can feature actual news stories happening at the time and tie them into the storyline.

“[The series is about] Don Quixote, a workplace family, romantic comedy, being young and alone in the city, forgiveness, the trivialization of the news, false equivalencies, false balance, false neutrality and a team of people who want to do their jobs well,” Sorkin told HBO.

It looks like Jeff Daniels will be playing the main character, an anchor who is tied into the lives of his co-stars, including his executive producer on the show who he had a romantic past with.

Mackenzie McHale, the executive producer, is played by Emily Mortimer. Other names on the cast include Sam Waterston, Dev Patel, Alison Pill, Thomas Sadoski, John Gallagher and Olivia Munn.

“I enjoy writing about workplaces that I find interesting and workplace families,” Sorkin continued. “Mostly I like writing idealistically and romantically and in a swashbuckling way. A newsroom — or at least my version of a newsroom — is a place where all of that could live.”

Sorkin’s interest in the world of news helped him create the show, as well as each character.

“Somewhere along the way, journalists went from heroic to derided and I wanted to write about a group of journalists who are doing their best to do the news well — reaching unrealistically high and slipping on a lot of banana peels and doing it all in the name of an honorable mission,” he said.

Daniels told the Associated Press he felt this was a “role of a lifetime.”

Newsrooms and non-newsies alike have been buzzing about this show for a while, and it will finally premiere this Sunday on HBO.

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