What should Jennifer Nettles name her sure-to-be-twangy tot?

With Jennifer Nettles’ announcement that she is knocked up, the Sugarland singer becomes part of a growing (literally!) club of expectant celebs. Will she follow in the footsteps of other country crooners and dub her youngin’ somethin’ Southern? Here are a handful of monikers we think are a match made in country music heaven.

Jennifer Nettles at the 2012 ACM AwardsLITTLE GIRL NAMES

Dolly. The queen of country music, Dolly Parton, hails from the Great Smoky Mountains — surely a sentimental spot for Jennifer, as it is where she wed now-hubby Justin Miller in 2011. Besides, any little girl that goes by Dolly is bound to have a personality bigger than Miss Parton’s brassiere.

Georgia. An obvious choice, since Jennifer is — in fact — from Georgia. But, seriously, the sweet baby peach would be born with a soundtrack for life… think Ray Charles’ classic “Georgia on My Mind,” (the state’s song) and about a zillion other songs with Georgia in the title.

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Jade. Green is Jenn’s favorite color, and the jewel-tone jade is found in the green family. OK, a bit of stretch, but “Green” does not a name make. Jade, on the other hand, sounds pretty and sassy at the same time. We imagine the twang-addled tyke would look (and sound?) something like cutie pie country newcomer Jade Jack.

Presley. Elvis had a smash hit in “Stuck on You,” and Jennifer had a smash hit in “Stuck Like Glue.” Same idea, right? Nary a musician in sight fails to claim The King as an influence. We think Jenn should let his last name influence her, since Presley would be a Southern-chic name fit for a country princess.


Miller. OK, call me a romantic… this name makes the list mainly because it is Jennifer’s hubby’s last name. However, the moniker can also be chalked up to Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Roger Miller, who was known for his honky-tonk hits and sharp wit. Of course, if the tot takes the surname of Jenn’s hubby, we’ll have a Phillip Phillips kind of situation at hand.

Sawyer. Being the good Southern girl she is, we’re quite certain Jennifer tucked into the classic tale of Tom Sawyer at some point in her youth. Bonus? She could plan playdates with Brad Paisley, who named his oldest son Huck. Let’s just hope their precocious kiddos refrain from rafting down the Mississippi or forming a pirate gang.

Johnny. Johnny Horton, Johnny Duncan, Johnny Paycheck. There are many widely known country westerners who share this all-American moniker. None, perhaps, is more revered than the man in black, Johnny Cash. As if that alone weren’t reason enough, Jennifer maintains that her longtime celebrity crush is — you guessed it — actor Johnny Depp.

Gibson. Another Country Music Hall-of-Famer, Don Gibson, gave us legendary tunes such as “Sweet Dreams” and “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” The eponymous name further bears fame for the beloved Gibson guitar. And, really, what little boy wouldn’t want to be associated with the brand of guitar B.B. King and other musical masters shred on?

Dreaming of your own future drawlin’ drooler? We’re also fans of the Southern-inspired names June, Maggie, Wyatt, Easton, Maverick, Carson, Charlie and Beaux (or Beaumont for a girl). Timeless middle monikers south of the Mason-Dixon Line are Ann, Mae, Rae, Lynn and Lee.


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