Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky talks exes, career & firemen

The former Bachelorette and Bachelor contestant is moving on with her life. Her career is flourishing and she is going on tour with Sauza and firemen, who wouldn’t love that?

Ali FedotowskyBachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is back in the limelight. Or, should we say the twist of limelight?

Fedotowsky kicked off the Sauza Tequila Regional Rescue Tour yesterday in New York City. The tour will also be making stops in Phoenix, Vegas and Chicago.

“Ali was adorable,” said her rep. “She hung out with the troop of Sauza Firefighters, she sipped on margaritas — she’s a huge margarita fan — straight margarita, on the rocks, no salt! She even jumped behind the bar to make some.”

Fedotowsky also said she has been watching the new season of The Bachelorette and “she likes ‘Jef’ with one ‘f’ the best.”

Ali Fedotowsky 2

Despite rumors that her ex Roberto Martinez may be the next Bachelor, Fedotowsky said she would hope that Jef would be next, if he is not chosen by current Bachelorette Emily.

But she wishes well for Martinez, whether or not he is the next Bachelor.

“I just hope he’s happy,” said Fedotowsky, according to RadarOnline. “I hope he finds happiness.”

Fedotowsky has stayed busy since The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

She signed on with the show 1st Look on NBC in New York in March, a travel show. She was also a final judge on the 2012 Miss USA pageant.

But, as for her love life, she said there it’s not quite as exciting as her career seems to be right now.

“I’m single right now,” she said, according to RadarOnline. “I’ve actually been single this entire time, despite what you may have heard. I’ve been on one or two semi-dates… I’m not even sure you would call them actual dates. But I’m ready. I’m ready.”

So, did the firemen have a chance with the bachelorette? Her rep said “Ali said she hasn’t has much time to chat with them yet but they are super cute, so why not?”

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