Meet Against Me! transgender rocker Laura Jane Grace

Jun 20, 2012 at 8:38 a.m. ET

The Against Me! rocker formerly known as Tom Gabel has completed her first interview as Laura Jane Grace. See what her bandmates think of their transgender friend, as well as what she says to do when faced with pronoun confusion!

Against Me!

Against Me! rocker Tom Gabel shocked the music world in May, announcing he planned to become a she named Laura Jane Grace to Rolling Stone. Now, in her first interview with MTV, the transgender singer and bandmates divulge who was the real jerk and how they're coping with their new female lead.

Against Me! bassist Andrew Seward summed up the group of longtime friends' feelings saying, "It sounds cheesy, but it's not: You just want your friend to be happy. When this came out, I think the bottom line for all of us was just 'be happy."

Laura Jane Grace, however, had this to say to her bandmates: "I've been a jerk over the past few years. I've been an absolute a** in so many ways, just from, you have this thing you're dealing with that you don't know how to process it, and it bears on you. And it comes out in so many different ways. ... You express your anger at what is going on, and you take it out on your closest friends. And now, I've obviously apologized."

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Laura, who says she is in a "weird boy-girl transitional phase" in the transgender process that can make using a public restroom an interesting situation, advises those unsure about something just to ask. She shared, "It's just better to ask. Just ask what's on your mind as opposed to skirting around an issue and not really knowing what to say or whatever."

"I'm not offended by someone asking at all, and I'm not offended if someone slips up," Laura Jane Grace went on to add of adjusting to new pronoun usage. "But at the same time it is definitely important to me."

Check out MTV's interview with Against Me! and Laura Jane Grace below!

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