Actor Nick Stahl reported missing, again

The actor has checked himself out of rehab and now his family can’t find him. This comes just a month after his last disappearance, which led to him checking into rehab.

Nick StahlNo, this isn’t a reprint.

In May, Nick Stahl’s wife filed a missing person’s report for the actor, whom she hadn’t seen in almost a week. He had last been seen on May 9, and was reported missing the morning of May 14.

Just before he went missing in May, his wife had asked a judge for Stahl to have limited visitation with their daughter because of his substance abuse problems.

After the report was filed, Stahl reportedly sent his family an email assuring them he was okay.

Stahl then checked himself into rehab.

Then, just a week ago, he checked himself out of rehab.

“He’s been missing for four days,” his wife told E! News. “But I don’t want to comment any further.”

According to the New York Daily News, checking out of rehab was against his doctor’s advice.

He disappeared shortly after.

“Now he’s disappeared. We can’t find him anywhere. He has not made contact with anyone,” a source told E! News. “We are all just desperately looking for him.”

Stahl and his wife have a 2-year-old daughter.

The actor first came into the spotlight at the age of 14 in Mel Gibson’s Man Without a Face and continued to act while growing up. He then took over Edward Furlong’s role of John Connor in 2003’s Terminator: Rise of the Machines.

He has been in almost 50 roles in the last 20 years, including Disturbing Behavior, A Thin Red Line, Sin City and the 2012 TV series Body of Proof.

The 32-year-old’s family is hoping he will reach out like he has in the past, or they will find some information as to where he has gone.

“Everyone just wants him to come home. It’s a terrible situation,” said a source according to the New York Daily News. “We are searching, but we’ve had no solid leads.”

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