Kate Middleton trades her crown for a campfire

Jun 18, 2012 at 7:06 p.m. ET

Kate Middleton's a fashion icon. But how does the Duchess of Cambridge dress when visiting inner-city children participating in a charity camping program? No surprise. She looks amazing. But what did she tell the kids about life as a royal? Read on.

Kate Middleton

Even when hunched around a campfire in the middle of the wilderness, the Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t look more gorgeous.

Granted, this was part of a photo shoot helping capture Kate Middleton while she participated in a charity camping program on Sunday. The royal paid a visit to the inner-city children participating in a program coordinated by ARK that takes them to the countryside for a day of activities. ARK is supported by the charitable Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Middleton can’t go anywhere without the fashion police passing judgment, though she received overwhelmingly favorable grades from the NY Daily Newsfor looking casual in “a pair of simple skinny jeans, wellington boots and tan Burberry sweater.”

Instead of spinning ghost stories, though, Middleton took the time to answer the kids’ questions about her new life as a royal.

"It's very busy and great fun but I am very well looked after," she admitted.

Tigerlily Smith was one of the campers who questioned Middleton about her palace existence.

“We asked how it felt to be a princess and she said it was very nice,” the eight-year-old girl Smith said to the Daily Mail. “She said she got to visit lots of countries but hadn’t seen as many as William. She said William was very sweet and kind and spoiled her.”

Speaking of Prince William, onlookers, however, were curious as to where he was during this outdoor excursion. He was absent from the camping trip, but joined Middleton late Sunday afternoon for a charity polo event in Gloucester. Middleton’s right. It is very busy, but it sure sounds like great fun.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

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