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Bristol Palin considers running for office… but has to deal with a lawsuit first

It’s been a busy week for Bristol Palin. First, she’s been making the rounds to promote her (latest) impending reality show — Life’s a Tripp. Then, she got sued for defamation over homophobic slurs she allegedly made during a verbal sparring match at an L.A. bar. Now, she’s hinting that her schedule may also be filled with a run for political office.

Bristol Palin politics

Off news that Bristol Palin is being sued for defamation by the bar patron whose heckling went viral last year, Bristol Palin tells Fox News that she’s not ruling out the possibility of following in her pit bull mama’s shoes.

“I don’t think I’d shut it out completely,” Palin told talk show host Sean Hannity Thursday evening.

But, Palin-haters can rest soundly tonight: It appears there won’t be another Palin poised for political office in the near future.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant insists she won’t be throwing her hat into the ring “anytime soon.”

“I’m only 21,” she reminds us.

Aside from age, it’s hard to see how she’d fit running for office into her intense schedule.

The oldest daughter of one of America’s most polarizing politicians, Palin is fast being seen as frequently on reality shows as Jocelyn (the “cat lady”) Wildenstein is seen in the plastic surgeon’s chair.

Around two years after giving birth to Tripp, Palin appeared on Dancing… 

Later that year, Bristol and the rest of the Palin brood appeared on TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Next week, Palin’s slated to debut Life’s a Tripp on Lifetime.

The reality show itself has been caught in the controversy, stemming from the verbal bar brawl Palin got into her face-first with a patron at L.A.’s Saddle Ranch.

That patron, we later found out, is Stephen Hanks — who also happens to be a Hollywood talent manager.

And now he’s also the man suing Palin — and Lifetime — over the September incident, where Hanks claims the famous daughter publicly humiliated him over his sexuality and also invaded his privacy, when she (wrongly, he claims) blamed the incident for her decision to move back to Alaska.

The cameras were rolling at the time (hence, how Lifetime comes into play).

Hanks says he never gave the channel permission to video him, and he’s trying to put the kibosh on that footage ending up in the new reality series.

There has been some rumblings, naturally, over whether this Palin daughter would follow in her mother’s steps — ever since she got what appears to be a new chin courtesy of plastic, er, corrective surgery — and started to appear as a guest on the equally-as-polarizing-as-her-mama Fox News.

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