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Andrew W.K. to speak at My Little Pony convention. Yes, really

Andrew W.K. has long been a mystery to many. His next move is to teach Pinkie Pie fans how to party.

Andrew WK

It is the year 2012, and a popular time to be making up words.

Well, here’s another one. Singer Andrew W.K. is a self-described brony.

Yes, a brony.

Given his past, you might think this word relates to some hard-partying pastime. But, in this case it means that Mr. W.K. is actually a fan of My Little Pony.

Yep, THAT My Little Pony.

Andrew W.K. has announced he will be speaking at the next My Little Pony Convention.

On June 12, W.K. tweeted, “I’m doing a PINKIE PIE + PARTYING speech at the My Little Pony convention @CanterlotGrdns @EquestriaDaily”

“What would Pinkie Pie do?” you ask?

Actually, that is the name of W.K.’s panel.

He will be speaking at the convention in September, called Canterlot Gardens, in Ohio.

“W.K. says he identifies with the show’s Pinkie Pie, an ‘earth pony’ who exudes positivity, loves to play and has been known to throw together one-man bands to save the day,” according to Spin magazine.

The magazine says the panel is reportedly about “How to make your work as fun as your party and your party as important as your work.”

While W.K. has always been a little out there, this is further out of left field than he has ever been.

Best known for the lyric “When it’s time to party we will party hard,” Andrew W.K.’s debut album was called I Get Wet.

Incidentally, he will be releasing the 10-year anniversary edition of that album just before the convention, on Aug. 14.

While the whole thing may seem like a big joke, W.K. seems to be taking it very seriously. The singer turned performance artist is using his skills to bring the best speech he can to the world of fellow bronies.

And, we are just dying to know, What would Pinkie Pie do?

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