Lindsay Lohan being sued by paparazzo for incident in car

Lindsay Lohan is in heaps of trouble. After a recent car accident and failed IRS payments, this new suit doesn’t help her cause.

Lindsay LohanNo matter how she tries, Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

A 2010 incident is coming back to haunt her. In January, the paparazzo involved in the accident filed suit against Lohan. He alleges that a car she was in sideswiped him as it drove by.

Just today, E! News obtained the court documents relating to the case.

The suit also names Lohan’s driver at the time, stating the “plaintiff was struck by the vehicle driven by defendant as he was taking photographs of a celebrity inside the vehicle.”

The incident took place outside an LA nightclub more than two years ago.

Lohan was reportedly served with papers on Sunday for an Aug. 7 hearing.

He goes on to say that the “plaintiff, a pedestrian, was struck by a vehicle operated by defendant Paola Demara who was driving Lindsay Lohan. Plaintiff suffered injuries to his neck, lower back, left wrist and left hip. His medical expenses to date are $16,468.64.”

“I was hit. I really wanted them to stop,” the man told E! News earlier this year. “It doesn’t matter if [Lohan] is the driver or not [the] driver, she should not hit any kind of person in the alley.”

The suit may be coming at a bad time for Lohan. Just last week she was involved in a different incident. Lohan reportedly caused a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway. Reports said that Lohan hit the back of an 18-wheeler in a rented Porsche.

The driver of that truck has lawyered up and is reportedly thinking about asking Lohan to help pay for his “pain and troubles.”

And then, back in January, TMZ reported she also owes more than $100,000 to the IRS.

However, there are good things happening too. Lohan is portraying Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick.

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