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How to prep for Rock of Ages

Sure, Tom got on our nerves for jumping on couches, yipping at Matt Lauer about anti-depressants, and his not-so-helpful reminders to Katie to be silent during childbirth. (Hey Tom, when you pass a watermelon through your nostril, then you can issue childbirth mandates!) Talk about Mission Impossible. But that was then. Today we are gearing up for Rock of Ages with a marathon of our TC faves…

Tom Cruise

Buy some aviators and watch Top Gun.

It is so fascinating how cool Tom was when this movie first came out and now we watch it in a heightened state of annoyance. All that bravado, those machismo-isms (“I feel the need, the need for speed”) and the bar singing are all sort of toe-curling. We must have lost that loving feeling. But this movie is where we first fell in love with Tom, and it takes us back to a simpler time before he started doing and saying weird things in interviews. No matter how old we get, the volleyball scene in this movie will always “take our breath away.”

Serve up some cocktails and watch Cocktail.

In fact, make it wine, because it will go well with the cheese in this movie. But that is why we love it! Here some cheese, there some cheese, everywhere some cheese-cheese. How much do we love the adorable Elisabeth Shue as the clueless rich girl who falls victim to Tom’s good looks, charm and flashy martini shakers? We’re not sure if this Tom Cruise movie has made any of VH1’s “Awesomely Bad” lists, but it is endearing in its special kind of way.

Stoke up A Few Good Men.

Tom Cruise in a uniform for 138 minutes? Why yes, we can get behind that. Tom is oozing hotness in this movie and when he goes toe-to-toe with the formidable Jack Nicholson and wins? Well, he had us at “I want the truth.” Did we mention Kevin Bacon is also in this movie, and rocks a uniform for much of it? What’s that we hear? Reason number two for adding this to our Tom Cruise appreciation marathon.

Rent Interview with a Vampire.

What do you get when you dress Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in turn-of-the-century attire and fangs? A whole lotta vampy hotness. Before Twilight and before True Blood Tom and Brad paved the way for their bloodthirsty brethren with their gorgeously tortured portrayals. If immortality means hanging (sorry) with the likes of these two, sign me up.

Now you are fully prepared for the premiere of Tom’s latest movie, Rock of Ages. All that’s left to do is rat your bangs, apply a generous layer of AquaNet, slip into some acid-washed jeans and settle into Rock of Ages.

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