Your Sister's Sister movie review: Awkward family photo

Jun 15, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Two sisters with hidden agendas make for a sticky situation when they spend the weekend with Jack. One sister’s a lesbian and the other used to date Jack’s deceased brother so what could go wrong? Lots, of course! Love, secrets and tequila reveal a complicated story with even more complicated characters in this superbly acted indie!

Your Sister's Sister

Jack’s (Mark Duplass) brother died a year ago. At the memorial party, Jack breaks down in front of his friends, including his best friend Iris (Emily Blunt) who also happens to be his brother’s ex-girlfriend. Iris tells Jack he needs some alone time and suggests he go to her dad’s isolated cabin on Vancouver Island.

Once he arrives at the cabin, he is smitten with the lovely stranger inside, only to discover the woman is Iris’s sister Hannah (Rosemary DeWitt). Though startled, Hannah allows him to stay overnight. Over a shared bottle of tequila, she reveals she’s just ended her seven-year romance. Alcohol does its magic and despite the fact that Hannah is a lesbian, the two end up in bed. Not a problem until Iris shows up unexpectedly the next morning.

Hannah and Jack agree not to tell Iris about their tryst, but when Iris reveals to Hannah that she’s in love with Jack, things get awkward. It sounds like a lot of soap, but what’s underneath it all are three very interesting characters played pitch-perfectly by this trifecta of amazing actors.

Your Sister's Sister Blunt and DeWitt

Emily Blunt is lovely as the youthful little sis who worships her older sibling, despite putting butter in Hannah’s vegan mashed potatoes. Rosemary DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married) is a deliciously tangled knot of a woman struggling to find meaning in her life. These aren’t the Brady Bunch sisters, these are two real gals who love to test and punish each other, the way real sisters do.

Bottom line: The emotional twists and turns of Your Sister’s Sister will surprise you and keep you guessing (literally) to the very end. This small film with big characters will have your loyalty shifting at each turn, providing a wonderful cinematic respite in this summer of super-hero movies. Enjoy!

Photo credit: IFC Films