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Katie Lee talks Groundswell

Katie Lee’s debut novel, Groundswell, dazzled last summer. Out in paperback now, it should be right alongside the sunscreen in every woman’s beach bag this summer. Katie sat down with SheKnows to “dish” on life as a celebrity chef, perfect playlists and her next novel.

Katie LeeSheKnows: You’re active on Twitter @KatieLeeKitchen. Tweet us about your novel, Groundswell, out in paperback now. (In 140 characters or fewer, of course!)

Katie Lee: It’s an “Eat, Surf, Love” story about a girl, the movie star who sweeps her off her feet, & the hunky surfer who catches her when she falls!

SheKnows: As a cook, (you’re also a celebrity chef and author of The Comfort Table series) what would you suggest someone eat/drink while reading your novel?

Katie Lee: Since part of the book takes place in Mexico, guacamole and chips with a big margarita would be the perfect pairing!

SheKnows: You’re big on creating playlists for entertaining. What playlist would complement Groundswell? Groundswell by Katie Lee

Katie Lee: I love chill beach music. Turn on some Bob Marley, curl up with Groundswell, and just relax.

SheKnows: What are five things in your writing space/on your desk that would give us some insight about you?

Katie Lee: I keep my desk super organized. I can’t think if it’s messy, it feels chaotic, so there isn’t much on my desk other than my computer, a lamp, and vase with flowers. I usually make myself a big cup of green tea while I’m writing.

SheKnows: Summer is here and your novel is the perfect beach read. What books will be in your beach bag this summer?

Katie Lee: I just received an advance copy of Emily Giffin’s new novel, Where We Belong, and I can’t resist checking it out. I’m moderating a panel with her in New York City next month, and really looking forward to hearing more about her writing process and inspiration.

SheKnows: Are you working on your next book (cooking or fiction or both?) If so, can you give us any hints?

Katie Lee: I’m writing my next novel now. I am in the early stages, mostly outlining and working on character development, but having fun with it! It is about three friends who are all getting divorced at the same time, and there is a food element to it as well. More to come…

Photo credit: Nigel l Barker

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