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Deena Cortese gets drunk, disorderly down by the Jersey Shore

The “not pregnant one” of the two tiny guidettes was hauled away to the slammer Sunday afternoon, and now Deena Cortese has something else in common with co-star Snooki, aside from a vertically-challenged stature and a penchant for Shore “couture.”

The Buzz – Jersey Shore Deena Arrested in Seaside Heights
The Jersey Shore cast caused a lot of drama this past weekend, which is nothing too surprising. The biggest culprit was Deena, who was arrested for…

It seems like only yesterday that Snooki (real name: Nicole Polizzi) was arrested for disorderly conduct after beach-goers complained the reality star was bothering them. Technically, that public display of drunkenness was two years ago, but now Deena Nicole Cortese is continuing the Jersey Shore tradition.

Seaside Heights officials, by way of the Associated Press, said Cortese left the bar and grill where other cast members from the MTV show were hanging out. Apparently, dancing at the Spicy Cantina left a lot to be desired, because police say she was getting her groove on in the middle of a busy intersection — understandably interfering with traffic.

Police also say she was slapping cars as they passed by, which led officials to perceptively surmise she was “a little intoxicated.”

Cortese survived the onslaught of cars, but was arrested by a local borough officer who saw the whole ugly scene go down.

Her parents had to do the walk of shame and retrieve this latter-day Snooki from jail. JWoww, other cast members and, naturally, cameras followed.

It’s not the first scandal of the year for Jersey Shore, which recently launched into its sixth season.

Recently, photos of a nekkid Snooki surfaced. And Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino won’t be going on any benders. The 29-year-old got out of rehab earlier this year, tied to a pill-popping addiction that former castmate Angelina Pivarnik colorfully described as “Popeye on crack.”

Judging from the looks of things, even with a sober situation and a pregnant Snooki, the Shore won’t be a snooze-fest as some reality TV critics speculated.

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