Exclusive behind-the-scenes with Safe House’s Vera Farmiga

Jun 8, 2012 at 7:05 p.m. ET

Vera Farmiga reveals why she chose the role of CIA Chief in Safe House starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. SheKnows brings you this exclusive look.

Vera Farmiga knows how to hold her own when performing with actors like George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal. And most recently, she starred in the action thriller Safe House with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Not too shabby, Vera!

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In order to get a sneak peek of the goodies available on the new DVD release of Safe House, SheKnows brings you this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of Farmiga giving some insight as to why she chose this psychological thriller with two of the hottest actors around. Sizzling up the screen, are we?

Vera Farmiga

Safe House is the story of an inexperienced CIA agent (Reynolds) tasked with tracking a known fugitive (Washington) who also happens to be ex-CIA.

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Farmiga plays CIA operative Catherine Linklater who intercepts the chase in South Africa with a few demands of her own. But are her intentions sound? Trying to determine the good guys from the bad guys, er ladies, in this movie is half the fun.

Farmiga says this intrigue is exactly what drew her to the part. “South Africa is Linklater’s territory,” she says, so brushing up on the culture and politics was very important. Our gal has to be savvy if she’s going up against Reynolds and Washington.

Costume designer, Susan Matheson, talks about her challenge of creating a wardrobe for Farmiga’s character that was strong, decisive, but also very feminine. “She is the head of the CIA, and she is a woman. I wanted her to look strong without bonking you over the head that she’s a powerful woman.” 

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Up in the Air (it takes a feat of acting to turn down Clooney, right Vera?), Farmiga knows how to hold her own against the most seductive leading man. The question remains can they hold their own against her?

Safe House is out on DVD this week.

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