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Must-read: Clean Break by David Klein

Can you make a clean break from a troubled past and start a new life? That’s the question David Klein masterfully asks in his latest must-read novel, Clean Break.

Clean Break by David Klein

David Klein wowed readers and critics alike with his debut novel, Stash, a page-turning story of suburbia, secrets and the moral complications that arise when a woman fights between doing the right thing and doing what she really wants to do. Now he’s back with his sophomore novel that will have you turning the pages quickly with anticipation as you root for its heroine all the way.

A wife and mother who must walk away…

As a mother, Celeste Vanek makes a heart-wrenching decision when she and her young son pack up and move from a marriage rife with problems. Her husband Adam’s compulsive gambling is just the icing on the cake. Worried about any more emotional damage her son might endure, she walks away from her marriage.

She doesn’t go far, but she gets far enough — to a rental house across town where she must work to gain financial independence, safety and security. And most importantly, where she will start to rebuild her and her son’s life. But she quickly realizes that starting a new life may be even harder than leaving her marriage. Especially when your husband won’t let you go.

A husband who won’t let her…

Adam Vanek is making it impossible for Celeste to make her clean break. The many reasons she left him rear their ugly head as he threatens her and becomes violent when she refuses to return. Jake Atwood witnesses this scene and struggles with his own demons as he becomes Celeste’s ally and friend and attempts to help Celeste break free from her marriage.

Another man tries to help…

To complicate things even more, Jake, who has a history of failed relationships, is in a relationship with Sara, a married and childless police detective who has her own hidden agenda to pursue when a crime is committed that links all of these lives together.

A crime is committed…

A crime is committed. Four lives intersect. And Celeste, Adam, Sara and Jake are forever changed. And the question is again asked, can you ever make a Clean Break from a troubled past?

Clean Break is a must-read

Utterly engrossing and suspenseful, Clean Break is a must-read.

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