The Green Lantern comes out of the closet

DC Comics has followed through with their decision to make one of their major characters gay. It’s not Hal Jordan, it’s not John Stewart but it is a Green Lantern. Can you guess which one?

Green Lantern

After weeks of speculation the cat’s finally out of the bag. Or should we say the closet? DC Comics has revealed the identity of their openly gay superhero. And it’s none other than Alan Scott aka Green Lantern.

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Scott is the original Lantern that made his debut in 1940. He currently appears in DC’s Earth Two comic. Writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott stress that they wanted their version of the character to be relatable. Making him gay wasn’t just an opportunity to grab headlines.

Robinson told Entertainment Weekly, “When I was first putting together this version of the team eight months ago, and was making the team diverse and interesting, adding in a gay character seemed like the natural thing to do.”

“This was not ever meant to be sensational. It’s meant to be about a team that’s well-rounded, that shows the diversity of the world around us.”

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The new Alan Scott doesn’t really struggle with his sexuality. He’s quite sure of himself. Not only is he OK with who he is, so are those around him. When speaking to Rolling Stone, Robinson made it clear that Alan still has the same superhero characteristics that made him a legend.

“Alan Scott is super-heroic, he’s super gallant, he’ll die for the earth, he’ll die for its people, he’s everything you want in a hero. I imagine he’s such a Type A character that when he realized he was gay, he was like, ‘Okay, I’m gay, now I’m just gonna go on with my life.’ He’s so accepting of it himself and he’s such a compelling person that the world knows Alan Scott’s gay. He’s such a leader, he’s such a good man, that the Justice League don’t care. And that’s a healthy depiction of a team and how it should be.”

So true! Instead of using Alan’s sexuality to create unnecessary drama, they’re using it to set a positive example.

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