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Must-read: Beach Colors by Shelley Noble

A vivid novel set in a coastal town of Connecticut, Beach Colors is the story of one woman’s broken dreams and new beginnings.

Beach Colors

Margaux Sullivan, a renowned designer, is starting to believe she isn’t living life to the fullest. After years of being in the fashion business, her enthusiasm and passion for her designs is wilting away, and she feels hollow and bored with her business. A second chance at life comes in one of the worst ways — while presenting her latest collection during New York City’s Fashion Week, Margaux’s husband is busy with his own project — cleaning out their bank account and fleeing. Devastated, Margaux tries to pick up the pieces, but she is too humiliated — not to mention betrayed and broke — to form a plan. With no other choice, she decides to return to her childhood home of Crescent Cove, a small coastal town in Connecticut. Life in Crescent Cove always offered Margaux hope and made her optimistic for the future. The colors of the coastal town revive Margaux’s spirits and help her begin to heal, as does reconnecting with Nick Prescott.

Nick, once known as a “townie” to those on the Cove, always admired Margaux from a distance. Now the local interim police chief, Nick pulls over a woman one day for speeding — and discovers it is Margaux. Not wanting to revert back to his old ways, Nick deftly gives Margaux a ticket despite her pleads and tries to continue on with life as usual. But circumstances don’t let these now-strangers drift apart, and Margaux starts to believe she could be getting a second chance at life — and love.

Beach Colors is the first women fiction’s title from Shelley Noble, who also writes mysteries under the name Shelley Freydont. She brings the same charm and spectacular imagery to this story as she has done in the past, and readers will find themselves swept away to the coastal town of Crescent Cove with a flip of the pages. Margaux’s character has hit rock bottom, and watching her work her way back to the top again will leave a fulfilling feeling to those who get to know her. A deeply moving and heartfelt novel, Beach Colors is a must for your summer reading list.

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