Katie Couric show guest list: Snooki or Sarah Palin?

May 30, 2012 at 11:04 a.m. ET

Hell won't exactly have to freeze over for the likes of Snooki and Kim Kardashian to land a spot on Katie Couric's new talk show, but such reality stars are far from the veteran news anchor's top pick. Perhaps Sarah Palin will pop by?

Katie Couric

Katie Couric knows that while Snooki isn't her ideal talk show guest, she isn't above stooping to the reality show level if that's what the public demands. In a soft diss directed at the pregnant Jersey Shore star, the news veteran has opted to pass for as long as possible on an interview.

"I don’t think I’m necessarily going to have Snooki, " Katie Couric told reporters Tuesday in Toronto while chatting about her upcoming talk show, Katie, due out in September.

"I like (Snooki), and she’s cute and everything, and I think it’s funny that people find her interesting," the former Today and CBS Evening News anchor went on to say. "That’s great. But that’s probably not going to be first and foremost on our show."

But then again, if the public's interest demands a pop culture inquisition of the GTL lifestyle, Katie Couric may deign to have Snooki as a guest. Couric explained, "If for some reason something huge happens on Jersey Shore, and something huge happens on Kim Kardashian, I’m not above talking about things people are interested in. All different topics can be done well."

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So who does Katie Couric want to see pop by her self-titled time slot? Amanda Knox. "That would be a huge get, but that’s very competitive," the 55-year-old said of trying to land the coveted interview. "Kate Middleton would be pretty nice to have on our show," Couric added.

An open-ended invitation has already been sent out to Sarah Palin, who notoriously faltered during a Katie Couric-led inquisition in 2008.

“I don’t know if (Palin would) be willing to come on the show," Katie Couric shared. "I think it would be interesting to talk to her now that time has passed and she may have a different perspective. I would ask her why she answered the way she answered."

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