Must-read: Sea Change by Karen White

Karen White’s latest novel Sea Change offers readers a breathtaking journey between past and present, following a modern-day heroine in her quest for true love — and finding her own happiness.

Sea Change

Ava Whalen is the relatable and read-worthy heroine in bestselling author Karen White’s latest offering, Sea Change. Ava has constantly struggled with feelings of unworthiness, of not belonging or fitting in wherever she tries, but at age 34, big changes are in store for her. She meets Matthew Frazier, a child psychologist, and believes for the first time she has found where she belongs, found her true happiness. After a quick elopement and a move to St. Simons Island, Ava settles into her new life in Georgia, believing it is filled with promise.

Ava is immensely disappointed to realize that things are not as idyllic as she had thought they would be. After such a fast and whirlwind romance and marriage to Matthew, she comes to realize she might not know everything necessary about her new husband. More questions than answers are working their way to the surface, and Ava has found herself once again chasing her happiness. The most distressing? The mysterious and peculiar circumstances surrounding Matthew’s first wife’s death. Ava decides to take matters into her own hands and get those answers she covets. Diving deep into the depths of Matthew’s family history, she also begins uncovering secrets about the island as a whole. What she comes to realize is that her connection to St. Simons Island is a personal one, and that in becoming obsessed with resurrecting the past, the outcome of her future could be destroyed.

Readers are drawn into another amazing Karen White story from the first few pages. A delicious page-turner, this novel combines love and mystery and highlights the journey of the strong women that are showcased. Plot twists will keep you on your toes and firmly invested in the story from beginning to end as you breathlessly follow Ava’s moves and decisions. This is a true Karen White novel, where bits and pieces are discovered little by little, following the story as it changes from historical to present-day time. White’s ability to keep the plot tight is a true talent of the author. Sea Change is a must to place on your summer reading list.

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