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Bethenny Frankel: Pregnant and divorcing?

There have been a ton of rumors surrounding Bethenny Frankel as of late. The newest rumor? She’s expecting a child. Is there any truth to the rumor? Maybe!

The Buzz – Bethenny Frankel Pregnant and Getting Divorced?!
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Bethenny Frankel is probably not getting divorced, based on some photos taken over the weekend. The reality star was spotted at a farmers market in Santa Monica with husband Jason Hoppy and daughter Bryn, but it was her stomach that got all of the attention. Frankel, 41, wore a form-fitting maxi dress that showed off a growing midsection — and no, it doesn’t look like a food baby. The photo at right doesn’t show it off well, but more photos — posted on the U.K. Daily Mail website — show a definite pouch.

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So, is the new talk show host with child? She hasn’t talked about it, though we’re suspecting an official announcement (if she is pregnant) to come around the same time the talk show debuts in June.

As for those divorce and cheating rumors? Sources are claiming they were drummed up to create publicity for the talk show and Bethenny Ever After.

“Bethenny knows that this publicity will help ratings,” a source told She and Jason go through problems like any couple, she’s quite demanding — a total handful!’

She’s not a stranger to publicity stunts: Remember the “lost at sea” fish story she told last year? Exactly. Regardless, Frankel said that “all will be revealed” when her talk show debuts, though what that means is still a mystery.

The couple — married for two years — have had their fair share of arguments since their wedding, but things seemed to be looking up on Sunday night’s episode of their reality show. The show revolved around the big reveal of the couple’s revamped Tribeca apartment, complete with custom Skinnygirl wet bar.

“This is sick. Look at this room! It’s like a home in the Hamptons. This is ridiculous,” Frankel said of their new place.

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“I can’t believe this is our home,” Hoppy repeated through the tour.

“It is so cool to walk through and be proud. This is real. We are like adults. This is a real apartment,” the multi-millionaire mogul commented.

So, divorce? Doubt it, though crazier things have happened.

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