RED HOT BOOK OF THE WEEK: Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews

Jun 3, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Summer is all about escapist fiction, finding yourself in another place, reading about the lives of people who could be your closest friends. Mary Kay Andrews is an expert at these books -- her delightful novels always have a satisfying romantic twist and are perfect for a relaxing day at the pool. Her latest novel Spring Fever is funny, charming, and compulsively readable, which is why it's our Red Hot Book of the Week.

Spring FevercoverMary Kay Andrews writes satisfying and fun women's fiction. Her novels, set in the South, have an amazing sense of place — readers will be able to feel the humidity of the summers as they can almost taste the refreshing sweet tea that should be mandatory with every one of her books. Her characters are always quirky and leave imprints on readers' hearts as their antics have them breathless from laughter. Annajane Hudgens is just such a heroine, whom readers will root for from beginning to end.

Spring Fever

Annajane Hudgens loves her life. She's engaged to a wonderful man who loves her, and she's finally getting the chance to escape the claustrophobic small town where she's made so many good — and so many bad — memories. So when she receives an invitation to her ex-husband's wedding, Anna doesn't hesitate to accept. After all, it's been four years since their divorce, and she's completely moved on with her life. She can be happy for him that he's moved forward as well and has found someone new to love.

True, Annajane loved Mason Bayless with all her heart once, but that's all over. She is happy for him and Celia, a beautiful and extremely likeable woman, and is ready to celebrate their new beginning. But at the wedding, something goes wrong and the ceremony grinds to a halt. Though Annajane is firm in her belief that she no longer has feelings for Mason, doubts begin to creep to the surface after this turn of events. Is she truly ready to let Mason go?

As Annajane ponders her feelings and emotions when it comes to Mason, she decides that she does want him back after all. But her small town of Hideaway Lake isn't quite ready to let Mason and Annajane find happiness. As Annajane fights for what she wants, she must contend with the will of certain townspeople, ones who don't want her to get Mason back and find her happily ever after. Will the secrets under the surface of Hideaway Lake destroy Annajane's one real shot at happiness, or will she be able to win back Mason's heart from Celia?

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