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Teen Mom Amber Portwood chooses prison over daughter

Resident Teen Mom troublemaker won’t be around to promote the final season of her MTV reality show. Why? She’s seriously heading to prison for up to five years!

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is going to prison

Most people — if given the option — would choose drug rehab over prison. Not Teen Mom star Amber Portwood: She asked an Indiana judge to put her in prison because she doesn’t want to continue with her court-mandated treatment. Her possible sentence? Five years, according to TMZ.

Say what? Yep, the troubled mom of Leah would rather go to jail instead of watch her daughter grow up. Flawed logic, but she told a Madison County, Indiana judge that she’d always be a “bad girl” and hasn’t stayed clean — at all — since January.

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The court remanded Portwood into custody and she’ll stay in the clink until her sentencing in a few weeks — and it’s entirely possible she’ll get the entire 5-year sentence. On a side note, photos show her walking into court hand-in-hand with baby daddy Gary Shirley, so they’re apparently together again. Yay.

The reality star told E! News last week that she was “okay” after her latest arrest. “I’ve got a lot on my plate,” she said.

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We can’t imagine what she’d have on her plate, other than a whole bunch of pills. Still, her brother said she was doing well and looking to the future. “She said she was going to work hard to get her charge reduced,” Shawn Portwood told E! News, adding that her new plan was to “join the military.”

It seems like Shirley is taking the whole thing pretty hard.

“Pray for Amber. She could use your thoughts and prayers and say 1 for Leah thanks guys,” he tweeted. “God bless u all. I’ve cried so much today my heart hurts for both her and Leah. You know Leah looks up to Amber a lot. Trust me when I say she didn’t give up. She did what was gonna happen anyways. Drug Court was Bullying her already… Constantly.”

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So, she’s still not owning up to her own problems, but good on her for taking the proactive approach. Maybe little Leah actually has a chance to grow up normal without her mom constantly causing drama in her life.

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