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P. Diddy is proud and a little “WTF?” over graduation

Diddy just can’t stop bragging about his son Justin Combs’ high school graduation — even if he’s sometimes feeling a little verklempt. Find out what’s next for the son of a mogul — and who P. Diddy’s willing to drop $2 million on!

P. Diddy, Justin Combs

P. Diddy can’t control sharing his joy over son Justin Combs’ graduation. The 18-year-old son of the man born Sean Combs has donned a cap and gown, marking the end of his high school years.

In a series of tweets sent out by the name-changing music mogul Thursday, P. Diddy gushed:

  • My son graduates today! Wtf! Justin is graduating High School! Words can’t explain. God is the greatest!!
  • My son @JDior_ is about graduate highschool- I’m about to be crying yall! #ProudFatherTweet
  • At my sons graduation from high school. Holly shit. I’ve never felt a feeling like this. !!!! God is great! @Jdior_ were so proud of you!
  • @JDior_ boy you a man now! I’m so proud of you son! I LOVE YOU!

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The man, who infamously gave son Justin Combs a $360,000 Maybach car for his 16th birthday, seems to have riled up Twitter with recent talk of spending $2 million at a strip club. “Fyi the 2 mill strip club tweet was a twitter joke!” Diddy tweeted in the midst of gushing over his son’s graduation. “If I threw away 2 mill in a strip club my baby mamas would f**k me up. Lol loosin up.”

After that Maybach lavishness, can you really blame P. Diddy’s followers for falling for the “joke” though?

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Very soon, Justin Combs will be off to UCLA where he’s earned a full-ride scholarship for his football prowess! Indeed, congratulations are in order for both the grad and proud papa P. Diddy!

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