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What we wish we could have told Robin Gibb before he died

Nooooooooooooooooo! Did you hear that on Sunday afternoon? The collective groan of women everywhere who are mourning the loss of another Bee Gee, and a piece of their hormone-fueled adolescence along with it. Join us in a moment of silence. Now let’s move on to what we wish we could have told Robin Gibb before he died.

Robin Gibb dead at 62

We still drop everything when we hear “Stayin’ Alive”

The next time you see a woman in the middle of the grocery store getting down with her bad self, listen to the song that is streaming from the store’s sound system. It is probably “Stayin’ Alive.” Whether we are at the pediatrician, at the club on Disco night, or cleaning the house, if we hear this tune we drop whatever we are doing to jam out and remember how hot the Bee Gees made us feel when we were 12. We wish the Bee Gees were, um, also stayin’ alive. But their music will live on in us forever.

Saturday Night Fever

Yeah, Barry may have had the perfectly coifed hair, but Robin, you gave plenty of young girls “Saturday night fever.” Without you and your brothers, Saturday Night Fever would have been just another dance movie. And not a very good one. No disrespect to John Travolta and his iconic dance moves, but he would have just been another guy wearing high-waisted pants in a movie with bad dialogue if it wasn’t for you and your sexy Gibb-ness.

“Islands in the stream”

We’re not exactly sure what the lyrics to this song mean. “We will start and end as one,” but “from one lover to another.” On this sad occasion, it really doesn’t matter. As “you sail away to another world,” we just want to thank you for letting Kenny and Dolly “ride it together.”

The Lord Gibb-eth and the Lord taketh away

Thank you, dear Robin, for all that you and your high-pitched voice brought to our sultry teen years. There is a reason many boy bands have come after you and your brothers and not touched your success. We will miss you, but thanks to your legendary talent, we are just one YouTube clip away from remembering that we should be dancing.

Turn. It. Up.

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