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Casper Smart “spontaneously” jumped JLo’s bones

Exactly how and when did Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart start hooking up? The dancer revealed their “spontaneous” beginning when caught on the What to Expect red carpet.

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez‘s love story started out as nothing more than a professional relationship, he swears. All was above the table — so to speak — until chemistry caught up with them and spontaneous passion became positively unavoidable!

Speaking of his lady love while on the What to Expect When You’re Expecting red carpet, Casper Smart gushed, “She’s a beautiful woman. She’s a good person like anyone else… we’re all just people.”

While the 25-year-old, a solid 17 years his lover’s junior, doesn’t know where their relationship is headed down the road, he can speak of how the romance came to be. “It was really professional for a very long time before anything even happened,” Casper Smart said. “It just really spontaneously happened. The chemistry was there. You can’t fight it.”

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On the horizon for the love birds? Quite possibly more time together, as rumor has it Jennifer Lopez is quitting American Idol! Although an insider at the network has told E! News that “Fox does not want to let her go. They love her,” another gossip source says it isn’t meant to be.

“She’s just too busy,” the anonymous source said Wednesday. While there’s been no official word from the coveted star or the American Idol powers that be, Jennifer Lopez is already scheduled to launch a concert tour with Enrique Iglesias and has hinted at hoping to take time off soon — and maybe even having more children!

Perhaps Casper Smart can pencil in some “spontaneous” baby making time with Jennifer Lopez?

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