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America’s Got Talent: That’s what Howard Stern said

After months of hype and worry Howard Stern has made his America’s Got Talent debut. How’d the shock jock do? Take a gander at quotes from the night and judge for yourself!

Howard Stern -- America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent fans have finally seen their new judge, Howard Stern, in action. After much hullabaloo about the shock jock coming to primetime television, including a call for advertisers to boycott the program from the Parents Television Council, there isn’t all that much that would qualify as shocking to report.

By most accounts Howard Stern’s America’s Got Talent debut was a display of good behavior, sympathy for talentless hopefuls and just a bit of call-it-as-he-saw-it attitude. A look at the 58-year-old’s best quotes of the night:

  • “These executives at NBC must be out of their mind taking a risk on me,” Howard Stern commented, alluding to the controversy surrounding his hiring. He then turned to the audience and added, “I say I won’t make it through the first show — what do you think?”
  • “As a stripper you can’t have man-boobs,” Howard Stern advised one scantily-clad magician. He then went on to tell the man he had a “rather small package.”
  • “I made my career out of originality, I bow down to you,” Stern told one contestant, who had created what is apparently known as an “earth harp” spread across the Los Angeles auditorium.
  • “This is going to sound sappy,” Stern declared when a dance troupe used glowing costumes and props to simulate dinosaurs and prehistoric plant life. “We are the greatest country in the world. You are everything that makes America great.”
  • To bird trainer Miss Less he inquired, “If you were on an island and all you had were your birds, would you eat them?”
  • “Has someone in your life said to you, ‘This isn’t for you?'” he asked one singer, whom the audience had already booed. “A parent, maybe?” Walking right into the joke the man replied, “My parents are dead.” Howard the quipped, “Did they die of embarrassment?” Zing!
  • “I’m really hopeful,” Stern commented at the end of Monday’s show. “I feel we’re on our way.”

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Quips and quotes aside, it was one contestant named Sergio who received the most Howard Stern interaction. After the singer had performed, the Howard Stern Show radio host left the judges’ table, joined him on stage and the two embraced in a tall man meets small man hug.

What do you think of Howard Stern’s America’s Got Talent debut?

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