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Jakarta police aren’t very gaga over Gaga

Jakarta police are no little monsters: Lady Gaga has been banned from performing in the Indonesian nation next month because she is just too sexy.

Lady Gaga

She may have been born this way, but “this way” is too much for one conservative Muslim Indonesia nation. Lady Gaga has been banned from performing in Jakarta because she is too sexy.

Bowing to public pressure, the Jakarta Police recommended that the National Police withhold a permit allowing Gaga to hold a concert in the Central Jakarta city of Senayan, effectively banning her from performing in the country. A spokesman for the National Police confirmed that the permit was denied.

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“We refuse to have Lady Gaga’s feet touch our land. She’s bringing the faith of Satan to our country and will thus destroy the nation’s morals,” said hard-liner Muslim group Islam Defenders Front branch chief Habib Salim Alatas.

Not everyone agrees, though. Muhammad Imdadun Rahmat, deputy-secretary-general of Nahdlatul Ulama, told The Jakarta Post that Lady Gaga’s creativity should trump all.

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“The police should not have gone as far as banning the concert. They should not intervene against the freedom of expression,” he said.

He did say that she should think about toning it down a bit though — after all, one must respect other cultures.

This is not the first time Lady Gaga has been persona non grata for her risqué behavior. Conservative Christian groups in Seoul condemned her April 27 performance for supporting pornography and homosexuality. Hasn’t stopped her from racking up five Grammy Awards, though.

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