What's next for the Glee kids? Internships for all!

May 21, 2012 at 3:26 p.m. ET

Now that the big two-hour finale of Glee is over, we think the New Directions make for great interns this summer.

Glee kids need internships with Intern Sushi

High school doesn't last forever -- not even for the kids of Glee. The next season will change the course of our favorite group of musical teenagers, causing many to move on to better things while others simply part ways for the summer break. We can't help but wonder what's next for these talented high school students!

Intern Sushi brainstormed awesome internship positions for each of the New Directions, since the site gives talented and ambitious recent grads (like Rachel, Mercedes and Finn) a new platform for presenting themselves to employers through introduction videos and a Facebook-like profile, instead of traditional and boring paper resumes.

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Since Rachel Berry is determined to be on Broadway, NYADA or not, Intern Sushi suggests she spend her summer interning with a working theatre company. If she can't make it out to New York or Los Angeles, spending the summer interning with a local or regional theatre company can give her a taste of what it really takes. Her fiancé, Finn Hudson, could intern with a sports broadcast network, bridging both his love for sports and performing.

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Sure, Quinn Fabray may be headed to Yale in the fall, but her innate sense of style, and her precision from cheerleading could be of value whilst spending the summer interning with Bloomingdales. Noah 'Puck" Puckerman could intern with a successful California startup that's making waves in the music industry, and Kurt Hummel could lend his understanding perspective to Social Innovation Advocates, an international nonprofit that serves as a resource for young innovators seeking to ignite social change.

Santana Lopez is outspoken, fiery and passionate; all the makings of a big-time Hollywood agent. An internship with a top-tier agency like Ford Models could open a world of opportunities that embrace Santana's strong nature. Meanwhile, Brittany Pierce can utilize her endless creativity and imagination by interning with a children's book publisher like Cake Literary, which is dedicated to creating quality literature for young adults and women.

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Musical diva Mercedes Jones could find success interning with a major music label like the Warner Music Group, exposing her to business end and the behind the scenes of the record industry. And the fast-footed Mike Chang should lend his talents to a professional dance company, as interning on the business side could potentially lead him to start his own dance company later on in life.

Real-life graduating seniors can find more opportunities on Intern Sushi.

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