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The CW’s Breaking Pointe: Blood, sweat and tutus

Ballet dancers are more than what meets the eye. They’re beautiful and graceful, but like everyone, they have their limits. The CW will tap into that unknown territory with the upcoming reality show Breaking Pointe.

Breaking Pointe This summer, The CW wants to push you to your Breaking Pointe. On May 31, the network will premiere the new reality series that centers on ballet.

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For years, Hollywood has been in love with the art form. We’ve all seen films like Center Stage, Save the Last Dance and most recently, Black Swan and ABC Family’s Bunheads. But unlike its predecessors, Breaking Pointe is the real deal.

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The CW has released a 30-second preview for the series aptly titled “Misconceptions.” It’s filled with voices from dancing professionals who describe this top-secret world.

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“There’s a real misconception about ballet. These people are athletes. It’s very cut throat. It comes down to who can dig in the deepest. Perfection is a driving force.”

If that wasn’t daunting enough, they leave us with one last truth. Ballet is “constantly striving for perfection but knowing you’re never gonna make it.”

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Contrary to popular belief, ballet is just as grueling as any sport. The amount of training and discipline it takes to become a success is beyond most of our comprehensions. You have to give everything you have, and sometimes, that’s still not enough. They don’t call the show Breaking Pointe for nothing.

Check out the promo for The CW’s Breaking Pointe:

Breaking Pointe premieres Thursday, May 31 on The CW.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in for all the ballet drama?

Photo credit: The CW

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