Team Ivy or Karen? The women on Smash finale tonight!

May 14, 2012 at 5:11 p.m. ET

It's finally here! The season finale of NBC's hit series Smash will reveal who will play the role of Marilyn Monroe. The actresses put up a good fight for their characters.

Smash season finale airs tonight!

Who have you been rooting for throughout the entire season of Smash? The finale airs tonight, and the role of Marilyn Monroe will finally be cast, now that Uma Thurman's character has dropped out of the production in the show.

The actresses are competitive off-screen too, and told The Hollywood Reporter why their own characters should be rewarded with the ultimate prize.

"I think Karen has a similar drive to succeed Marilyn," said Katharine McPhee of Karen Cartwright. "She was just haunted by so many of her little demons. But that being said, Karen is just at the cusp of possible success and notoriety and success sometimes destroys people."

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Of Karen's struggle with her boyfriend, McPhee also explained, "There is a bit of a connection between Marilyn's men wanting her to just stay at home and Joe DiMaggio wanting her to just stay at home and be part of the family, have children and her struggling with wanting that but also wanting to have her career."

However, Megan Hilty isn't letting Ivy Lynn go down without a fight.

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"She definitely has things in common with Marilyn when things start going well and people are taking advantage of her," Hilty noted, pointing especially to Ivy's perspective of men. "There's so many things that mirror what happened to Marilyn, especially in the later years."

Who makes the stronger case to star in the musical's official debut? The season finale of Smash airs tonight on NBC at 10 p.m. EST!

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