Sarah Hyland reveals shocking medical struggle

Sarah Hyland graces the upcoming June/July issue of Seventeen magazine and while she looks carefree on the summer-themed cover, Hyland reveals she’s fighting a darker battle.

Sarah Hyland battles kidney disease, gets transplant.

We love Sarah Hyland in ABC’s Modern Family. The 21-year-old actress plays a 16-year-old high school student who clashes with her parents, fights with her boyfriend and stresses about college. A rising star, Hyland lands the cover of the upcoming June/July issue of Seventeen magazine in a flirty, fun summer pose. While Hyland may seem carefree on the cover, she told Seventeen she’s fighting a fatal disease called kidney dysplasia.

Kidney dysplasia occurs when a baby’s kidneys do not develop normally and it is usually fatal when it affects both kidneys. Infants that do survive typically have one functioning kidney but require dialysis and a kidney transplant.

Hyland explains to Seventeen her lifelong battle came to an extremely serious turn when she was in need of a kidney transplant. Her dad, actor Edward James Hyland, came to the rescue and Hyland reveals the ordeal brought her entire family and friends closer together. One of the best lessons Sarah says she learned was knowing who she can really count on to support her.

“You know that family is always going to be there for you — no matter what. My dad gave me a freakin’ kidney!” She goes on, “But it’s also the families that you create outside of your family. And you really find out what kind of people you’re friends with. It was just amazing, and it really opened my eyes to see who’s there for me and who’s not.” Hyland says later on, “There are people who came out of the woodwork, not because it was ‘Oh hey, congratulations on your show winning an Emmy.’ No it was, ‘Hey, I’m here for you.'”

Sarah Hyland told Seventeen she is grateful for all of the support she receives and feels happy to be alive. “I have a second chance at life, not a lot of people get that.”

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