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Cee Lo: Adam and Christina are ruining The Voice

Cee Lo has had enough of the feud between his co-mentors Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera on The Voice — and so has host Carson Daly.

It sure would be nice if Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera would just hop into bed and get it over with. The two mentors on The Voice are at each other’s throats so often that sexual tension is obviously the root of their bickering — and the other peeps they work with have had enough.

That tension came to a head at the end of this season when Levine’s singer Tony Lucca got nothing but dissed by Aguilera — his former Mickey Mouse Club co-star. Now fellow mentor Cee Lo says enough is enough.

“It’s getting a little old and a little inconvenient for everyone,” the “Forget You” singer told Us Weekly.

“Adam hasn’t come to me and spoken to me [about his issues] and neither has Christina. But whatever it is, I’m hoping that we can get over it,” Cee Lo explained. “It’s not something that we should carry over into season three. I want the integrity of the show intact.”

Rumors of what’s happening between the two behind-the-scenes reveal that Aguilera thinks Levine is gross and Levine thinks Aguilera is a b-i-t-c-you-know-what. Frankly both of those things might be true, but work is work and you gotta be a pro. Besides, everyone on set is just one big happy family, said host Carson Daly. Well, maybe not happy per se, but something close to family.

“It’s frustrating in the same way when you’re just with your family on Thanksgiving and the conversation over Monopoly gets heightened for a second: I’m looking at my sister going, ‘Is my blood really boiling over the fact that you have Park Place?’ Then it goes away. And that’s what that was,” Daly said. “It’s nothing new for us.”

They really just need to do it and get it out of their systems.

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