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Must-read: Prosper in Love by Deborah Michel

An insightful novel that will charm readers and make them think about relationships and how we often complicate our own lives, Deborah Michel’s debut is for the must-read list.

Lynn and Jamie Prosper had it all. A love at first sight romance, a strong bond and desire to build a life together and the perfect wedded bliss. Lynn thought Jamie was the only one for her. But when an old college friend makes an appearance back in her life, the ever-sure confidence she has about her marriage starts to slip. With Jamie constantly traveling for his career, the couple’s communication suffers — and it’s their marriage that is in the line of destruction. When mischievous college friend F.X. Prosper in Love by Deborah Michelseemingly making his moves on Lynn, she tries her hardest to keep his advances at bay. But when work keeps throwing the two together and with Jamie never around, one innocent mistake starts the unraveling of Jamie and Lynn’s once tight marriage. Can Jamie forgive Lynn for the scene he saw in their home? And can Lynn forgive Jamie for not trusting her, for giving up so easily? Without knowing why or really even how, both Lynn and Jamie are pursuing a divorce with lawyers involved. Is it truly the end of the road for the once so blissfully happy couple?

When disgruntled in-laws and meddling “friends” start giving their advice, Lynn and Jamie grow further and further away from each other, and a divorce seems to be their only option. Jamie moves to New York for his career, Lynn buys a new home and communication between the two nearly cease altogether. While separated, they begin seeing other people, but Lynn wonders if she will ever find with anyone else the happiness that she had with Jamie. Prosper in Love ponders the question: Is love really enough to keep a marriage together? Michel explores this question and more in a tale of a modern romance that goes so sour, so quickly. Jamie’s in-laws, especially his uptight mother-in-law, play a large role in the dissolution of Lynn and Jamie’s union. The thought that so many outside forces such as friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances can have such an impact on the marriage between two people is fascinating, and Michel peels back the layers to uncover a marvelous romance novel.

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