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Must-read: Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

If you’re a fan of reality shows like The Bachelor, you’ll love Catherine McKenzie’s latest, Arranged. A captivating and thought-provoking book that takes a fun look at match-making, Arranged is a SheKnows must-read.

Catherine McKenzie’s novels give readers thought-provoking twists on pop culture phenomenons. In Spin, she put the spotlight on the world of celebrity rehab. And now, with Arranged, she looks at the role of love in marriage — one that’s been taken to a whole new level on reality shows like The Bachelor and The Millionaire Matchmaker.

About Arranged Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

Is Anne Blythe’s dating life cursed?

Anne Blythe’s life couldn’t be better. She’s got a book contract, a great job and a fabulous BFF. She also seems to have no problem in the men department. Well, if you don’t count the fact that although she can hook any man she sets her sights on, those men don’t seem to stay on that hook for very long. Anne blames this on her mother, believing she is cursed because she’s named after the title character in Anne of Green Gables.

Could an arranged marriage be the answer?

After another bad break-up with a man more in love with himself than with her (she’s realizing this is a pattern — falling for tall, dark, handsome and self-absorbed), Anne finds a business card imprinted with her namesake, Blythe & Company: Arrangements made. She assumes it’s for a dating service and decides to hang on to it.

When her best friend announces her engagement, Anne feels envious and, on a whim, decides to make an appointment with Blythe & Company. But she’s shocked to discover that it’s not a dating service at all — it’s a company that specializes in exclusive, and pricey, arranged marriages. Anne decides to put her reluctance aside after she learns of the company’s 95 percent success rate. Anne thinks, why not get some professional help? Women around the world do it all the time.

Before she knows it, Anne is traveling to a Mexican resort where she meets and marries Jack. But will her arranged marriage work out?

The search for love and marriage

Make a date with Catherine McKenzie’s Arranged this summer. A smart and honest novel about a woman’s desperate search for love and marriage, it will hit home for many.

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