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Kristen Wiig spoofs Tanning Mom on Saturday Night Live

What happens when you hit the tanning bed too hard and allegedly bring your five-year-old daughter there, too? You get spoofed on Saturday Night Live, of course!

Last week, a new face became infamous in the media. The overly tan tone of Patricia Krentcil flooded our televisions and headlines as it came to light that the New Jersey mom faces child endangerment charges for bringing her daughter to a tanning salon, who was only five years old then and became covered in burns.

And because we saw her a few too many times in the news, she captivated the crew at Saturday Night Live as a hilarious character fit for an appearance in the regular Weekend Update sketch. An orange-hued Kristen Wiig rolled into the faux newsroom with a pile of smoke.

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“I would never bring a five-year-old into a tanning bed,” joked Wiig, as the New Jersey mom. “Tanning beds should only be used by responsible adults because — you may not know this, Seth — some people over-tan.”

The segment captured the character joking about her age, sharing her “athletic” beauty routine and spontaneously toasting a piece of bread with her legs.

“This is just a base tan so I don’t burn this summer,” Wiig clarified. “Trust me, there are plenty of men in New Jersey who would love to snap into this Slim Jim.”

So what did Patricia Krentcil herself think of Wiig’s spoof on SNL?

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“It was well done,” Krentcil said, according to the New York Post. “The whole thing was hysterical.”

Check out what Lauren Kelly had to say about the segment on The Buzz above!

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