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Rihanna ticks off the entire Saturday Night Live crew

Audiences were bummed that Rihanna didn’t encore a “Shy Ronnie” sketch while on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but the cast is upset for other reasons.

On Saturday Night Live this past weekend, Rihanna performed two dance songs off her upcoming album Talk That Talk — the teasing track “Birthday Cake” and the inevitable club hit “Where Have You Been.” And though she took the stage in a baseball cap and combat boots, her lack of fashion sense while performing isn’t what ticked off the entire crew at SNL. In fact, they’re still surprised she even came through to sing at all.

Producers were not too happy when the singer called in sick to the show’s dress rehearsal, which takes place right before the live taping. Instead, her backup dancers simply took the stage and ran through the rehearsal of the pending performances without her.

However, once it was actually time for her to pick up her mic live, Rihanna looked fine!

Her reps continue to claim that she was indeed sick and that a doctor had to give her a shot of penicillin before the show. She had to save her voice for the performance, right?

Nevertheless, SNL producers are said to take dress rehearsals incredibly seriously (we can’t blame them after Ashlee Simpson’s infamous appearance) and told TMZ that they can’t remember the last time someone skipped one of their dress rehearsals!

Lauren Kelly, host of The Buzz, is upset about the quality of Rihanna’s performance altogether — or lack thereof, actually. Watch her justified rant in the video above now!

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